DJ Deaf


The newest member to the Max 94.1 team, Deaf lives by four words. Don’t Ever Accept Failure. DJ Deaf has been bringing his unique style to audiences professionally since 2008. After moving to Baton Rouge to further his education, DJ Deaf also decided to further his music career full-time and hasn’t showed any signs of letting up anytime soon.

Deaf’s skills have allowed him to travel many places doing what he loves & work with people who have influenced him throughout the years. He is currently the resident DJ at City Bar Downtown Baton Rouge, City Bar Downtown LafayaetteL’auberge Baton Rouge Casino & still finds time to rock local college parties and concerts. He isn’t just a DJ either.

 Deaf continues to grow as a businessman and loves taking on new challenges and opportunities as an entrepreneur. He continuously pushes himself to be one of the hottest DJ’s on the scene.  Through his small success, he still remains humble, loyal, and thankful to family & friends and most importantly God. Don’t just hear him, FEEL HIM. Getem’ DEAF!