High School Maxamania Virtual Party App Entry Instructions!


Instructions on how to enter for a chance to be a party of Max 94.1’s

High School Maxamania’s Virtual Party through the Max 94.1 App!


 1. Download the Max 94.1 app from your Google Play or App Store.


 2. Use the microphone feature at the bottom of the screen to

record a message reppin’ yourself and your school that may possibly be aired.


 Below is a guide to reference when recording your message. Your message doesn’t have to be exact, just DO YOU! 

Good Luck!



– Hey this is (insert name here) a 9h grader at (school name here)

home of the (mascot) the best high school in Baton Rouge


 – Whats up max94one this is (insert name here) from (school name)

I bet (Opposing School that week) won’t beat the (mascot) this year


 – My my name is (insert name here) from (school name), I wanna shout out

mr/ms (teacher last name) home room class it be lit y’all