Download the Max 94.1 app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store, tap the microphone icon at the bottom and record one or more of the Listener Shout-Outs below for a chance to win tickets to Boosie Bash 4 on Saturday, March 18 at the S.U. F.G. Clark Activity Center.

“This is [Name] and I love Max94one! That’s my favorite radio station! …”

“SupaMike got me lit inside the Mix everyday!”

“Max94one keeps me going while I’m at work”

“Fredo, HD, Young Boy, Whoop Max94one holding down the city”

“Latangela keeps the streets talkin’, baby!”

“I’m rolling through these streets, got Max94one on lock!”

“Max94one rockin’ all my favorite songs, that’s right, I said it!”

“What up! this is (Name), I listen to Max94one all day every day!”

“When I turn on AJ Boogie at Night, it’s a vibe,”

“You already know what time it is when I’m on Max94one “

“What’s up, this is [name] from [city] and the only station I listen to is Max94one”

“Man, Max94one the real thing… my station is Max94one… 24/7”

“We all the way up! Good music! Good Vibes… Max94one!”

“This ya boy/girl [name] from (City), and I wake up every morning to Max94one”

“Man, y’all better get yo butt out the bed. Check out my Girl DeDe in the Morning on Max94one”

“Hey this (name) Good Morning DeDe, Good Morning, Baton Rouge!”

“I love listening to Porcha G on Max94one”

“Everywhere you at, Baton Rouge’s number one for Hip-Hop and R&B is Max94one”

“Max94one’s got Jigga city on lock”