Kool DJ SupaMike!

Entertainment Guru, Kool DJ SupaMike, a native of St. Louis, Missouri, continues to set milestones, alongside the corporate world.

While in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Kool DJ SupaMike continues to soar as The #1 Afternoon Show, “The Crib”, from 3-7pm, on Max 94.1, W.E.M.X. The community, locally and from a distance, are eager to tune in during this time, as it sets the tone for whatever they’re doing, whether it’s school, work related events, or stuck in a traffic jam.

He has a diverse audience that continues to support him during his radio show, which is also #1 for Hip Hop & R&B; as he is known for his unparalleled skills behind the turntables, dynamic mixtapes, exclusive interviews, and groundbreaking premieres of new tracks. During the 4 o’clock hour, “Turn It Up, Turn It Up, Turn It Up, it’s 4 o clock”; is the infamous line all the listeners key into to make sure he’s on air. Through the clean music of his most popular hour of the day, he also likes to motivate students into a joyful learning experience. He is often requested during the most critical period where the students undergo standardized testing; this motivation encourages students to dive into this era full of energy and w/o strife. As a faithful listener, one of the most memorable statements made by one of the students was: “understanding of music is such an important part of education as it helps to improve my mood and focus”.

As students link musical education to improvements in problem solving, memory and reading. This form of learning helps his diverse population, whether its school or work related, to pay better attention while retaining information more effectively.

Additionally, he is immeasurably curating major events with universities and festivals, in the surrounding areas. With his unwavering dedication to his craft, Kool DJ SupaMike continues to inspire and entertain audiences, worldwide.

Want to Know More about Kool DJ SupaMike, be sure to tune into Max 94.1, W.E.M.X., download the Max94One App, and/or call, 225-499-9410, to request your favorite song, on his radio show, “The Crib”, WeekDays from 3-7pm.