Goin down in da Hamptons ya hurd me!

Cops Shut Down a Lemonade Stand That Jerry Seinfeld and His Family Were Doing for Charity

The neighbors said “Jerry can get it too!”


JERRY SEINFELD and his 12-year-old son Julian set up a lemonade stand in their Hamptons neighborhood.  A few of Julian’s friends were helping out, and the proceeds were going to a children’s charity.

But a neighbor called the police on them, complaining about all the people it attracted.  The cops came by and shut it down, because they didn’t have a permit, and cars were illegally parking on the street.

Jerry’s wife posted an Instagram photo of Jerry and the kids jokingly putting their hands behind their heads as if they were being arrested . . . with the caption, quote, “Lemonade dreams crushed by local neighbor, but not before raising lots of money.  Thanks to all of our customers and big tippers!”

It’s unclear whether or not the neighbor knew what was going on when they called the cops, and we don’t know how disruptive it was.  So, maybe this was a neighbor being a rich jerk . . . or maybe it really was chaos.